Charles Philip Inman

A 21yr old developer, who runs a company – divinity computing. Trying to create the most impressive, different, complex systems possible for clients. Hitting a few pitfalls along the way is finally hitting his stride in projects ranging from big 3d websites with heavy animation to mobile apps and Artificial Intelligence.

Before arriving at my company, I had a few years’ experience programming by myself and then in another company before creating my own. Computers are my passion, I am always looking to find new ways to improve to reach and create better technology in the industries I am in.

Find the right developers for your projects

There are a lot of people who can talk the talk but not nearly as many can reach their targets and even outperform them. I’ll walk you through how to find people who are capable and have the drive to complete your projects. I will discuss what developers look for in projects and how to work with them.


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