Chris Simmance

Chris is the Owner and Founder of Optus Digital Ltd, a full service Digital Marketing agency based in London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’. He has been working on websites since the late 90’s and in Digital Marketing for the last 5 years.

Chris loves the technical side of SEO and enjoys working on paid advertising campaigns that grow businesses. With a dedication to geekery Chris has or has had nearly every new gadget out there with no plans to quash his gadget habit.

Chris has worked with major brands such as Three Mobile & Tesco Bank to improve their online performance.


Every 15 seconds there are 580,000 individual searches on Google and as shopping habits continue to shift into the online world how can you ensure you’re being seen by your prospective customers? Take a look into the world of SEO and learn how your business can work to own prime search real estate through some simple changes you can make yourselves.


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