Claire Lloyd

Claire Lloyd, Head of UK Sales & Channel at A5E Consulting; PeopleApex has a wealth of experience in providing IT consultancy and digital transformation workshops for both corporate and public sector organisations. While she started her career as a Physiotherapist she later transitioned into the IT world as a Major Account Manager working with NHS organisations in Scotland and London, Claire’s most recent position allows her to enjoy the excitement of working with organisations of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK & Ireland.

PeopleApex’s Guide to Digital Transformation.

In today''s world of ''war for talent'', employees are customers. An organisation''s growth and achievements are direct reflection of employees working with the organisation.

''Employee Engagement'' is paramount for the success of an organisation. Now, Digitalisation of HR function is the mandate in the most of the organisation. Diverse workforce from baby boomers to millennial have very different expectations from HR. Expectation is not only on ''what'' but also on ''how'' aspects also. Future of HR function will be very different than what we see now.

PeopleApex an enterprise Human Capital Management solution, is to enable organisations'' HR digitalisation by standardising processes keeping ''winner uniqueness'' intact, provides mobility solution for HR and employees, real-time reports and analytics, allowing organisations to rightly balance centralisation and decentralisation of HR processes.

Claire Lloyd will be speaking in the following theatres:

SME Theatre 14 - Thursday 14.45 - 15.15: PeopleApex’s Guide to Digital Transformation.