Dave King

Dave has a wealth of experience in helping organisations to rethink their strategy and operation; beginning with redefining their vision. He has spent the last ten years supporting organisations across the Public Sector, Finance and the Logistics industry; as well as working closely with small family owned businesses to harness their deep-felt business values.

Dave is fascinated by the concepts of design and architecture. Traditionally, design is seen as pertaining to areas such as brand, web, online, graphics and communications; whilst architecture is assumed to describe the building or IT landscape.

If we take both concepts and brush off the aged views of what they stand for, we can deploy a world of approaches to design amazing solutions. We know that both successful businesses and the best not-for-profit organisations share something in common with Marjolo; a strong ethical core and an obsession in delivering the best for their customers.

Beautiful Business

It’s easy to be wooed by the latest promises of innovation and digital tooling. In this talk, Dave will show you how you can look past these and identify the components that work for your business, and how good it feels to be able dismiss the rest.

With this understanding, you’ll be able to take control and introduce transformation that drives success; helping you to design truly beautiful business.

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