David Hampton

David Hampton and Sue Watson are qualified Executive Coaches with the Academy of Executive Coaching.

Our creation, 5D Coaching, is a multi-dimensional approach to leadership development based on extensive experience of working with business leaders globally. We find that many leaders often make poor decisions yet expect outstanding results. 5D enables you to understand who you are as a leader, and leverages that knowledge to create exceptional results.

David’s coaching practice targets business leaders and entrepreneurs. He has substantial experience as a business leader of his own companies, and as a director of international consultancies. He spent 25 years as a consulting engineer developing behavioural change programmes that support infrastructure investment.

Sue is an executive coach, learning specialist & change manager with extensive international experience across diverse industries. She works in partnership with senior leaders and their teams translating strategy into measurable business outcomes that achieve sustainable behavioural change.

You Are Not the Leader That You Think You Are!

Discover the unique 5D Coaching approach to leadership, focused on a combination of personalised training, mentoring and executive coaching.

Our mission is to energise thousands of business leaders to lead exceptionally. Based on decades of experience, our bespoke style allows participants to create clarity, commit to growth and break down barriers that prevent outstanding leadership. Become the leader that you always wanted to be.