David Taylor

David Taylor, Corporate Communications Co-ordinator, Federation of Small Businesses

David Taylor has almost 25 years’ experience of the UK media scene garnered from a career in journalism, in-house media relations, public relations, marketing communications and social media consultancy.
Co-author of two social media books, he has trained well over 2,500 business owners and companies in the UK and abroad in online marketing, social media and networking.
He currently works with FSB to deliver the organisation’s social media and digital strategy.

Are you geared up for the new digital marketplace?

Can you confidently say that you understand the digitally-savvy customer in 2016? Do you know who they are, how they communicate and how do you give them what they want?

This half-hour presentation by social media author and FSB Corporate Communications Co-ordinator David Taylor will explore the background to today’s digital landscape, the latest trends in communications, who owns your brand and understanding your digital footprint.
David will ultimately examine how you can be more profitable, reduce your costs and ensure your company’s long term viability in today’s fast-moving world of business.


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