Donna King QFP

Donna King QFP
Donna King is an experienced, award winning and Qualified Franchise Professional, who has been supporting both franchisors and franchisees for over 15 years.
As one of four Franchise Director’s working in the specialist HSBC Franchise team, Donna is responsible for building relationships with both new and existing franchisors across the UK, with a view to supporting them with the growth and development of their franchise networks.
Prior to joining the HSBC Franchise Team, Donna was the Business Development Manager at Franchise Finance, and before that with the RBS Franchise Development Team, again building relationships with Franchisors nationwide, with a view to winning their franchise business.
May 2016 saw Donna presented with the Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWIF) “Service Provider of the Year Award”.
In 2018, Donna was part of the HSBC Franchise Team that won the “Industry Contribution Award” at the 2018 bfa Affiliate & Supplier Awards.

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Opportunity to explore what Franchising is all about here in the UK and how HSBC could support you with your franchise venture. Also discover the importance of Business Planning and that due diligence and research is key for starting any business. As the saying goes “ Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail”


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