Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi is a visionary, leading empowerment and transformation authority, transformational/inspirational Speaker, mentor, executive/ life coach, and international bestselling author. She is the
founder & Global Chair/ CEO of Global Visionary Women Network; “Behaviour Changed” award winning company, Voice of Nations; and Dr Sylvia Likambi International, respectively.

Over the years, Dr Sylvia has coached, empowered and inspired thousands of entrepreneurs, and empowered/inspired many to come out of addiction, depression, get into training, employment/ self-employment and leadership roles, and also offered them several of such opportunities in her organizations.

Last year, she inspired and positively transformed over 1.5 million lives globally through her Live Facebook Inspirational broadcasts and delivered several successful and life transforming revolutionary leadership/empowerment programs. She has featured on several national and international Radio and TV stations and been guest/ keynote speaker to several audiences, ranging from community groups to universities; and was winner of The Positive Role Model Award at The UK National Diversity Awards 2016.

7 Indispensable Principles To Enable You Start, Grow And Maintain A Successful & Fulfilling Business and Life

Would you love to start, steadily grow and maintain a very successful, fulfilling and sustainable business without ever having to worry about going out of business or burning out?

You will uncover 7 key principles of highly successful/ fulfilled entrepreneurs (unveiled in my Amazon #1 Bestseller, Principles of Resolution), which I have shared with numerous entrepreneurs/ leaders; and effortlessly/ consistently implemented in starting, growing and maintaining 3 successful and fulfilling global businesses and consultancy services.


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