Gary Hickman

I run a company called Open Space Advertising Ltd, We have offices in Suffolk & Essex. Our core business is advertising, We currently work with Tesco and can help companies exhibit at 700 of their stores.

I have been involved in sales and marketing for 30 years. I honed my sales skills in the direct sales industry and consider myself a professional sales person. I passionately believe in self-development and have spent thousands of hours reading books and watching videos to improve my skills.

In 2004 I discovered the Internet, which has turned most of what I know about marketing on its head. I have used social media to secure contracts with national companies and high profile personalities. I now use these techniques to help my customers succeed online.
I love the fact that social media has enabled me to talk directly with people I could not have reached offline, such as the authors of the books I read.

How To Get More Organic Reach On Facebook

If you are like most business owners you dread the weekly stats sent by Facebook that highlights you have only reach a few hundred people. I am going to show you a powerful strategy that will deliver you more targeted reach for your Facebook posts. At The end you can also get access to a free Facebook traffic course that will transform your social media marketing.