George Shaw

George Shaw is the Cloud Specialist for Professional Services at Exact Software. He works with service based companies, helping them achieve better insight of their project financials and margin controls through all-in-one business software. He has a common awareness of the key challenges that SME’s face in the UK market and experience with all personnel in a project based company, including the drivers within their role to make an overall more efficient, streamlined organisation.


Before getting started, let’s quickly define what we mean by project failure. It’s quite simply coming up short when it comes to any one or more of the project deliverables on time, on budget, and to the expected quality. So a failing project could be down to anything from budget overrun to low margins to (non-billable) over-servicing to late delivery.

Without any clear analysis of your strategy and business goals, you’ll lay a solid foundation for failure. The following 8 terrible tips will take you through exactly what you should be doing to mess up a project. Each is a proven formula for failure.


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