Glenn Ackroyd

Glenn Ackroyd is an energetic and passionate former franchisee who launched the multi-award winning EweMove franchise with his business partner David Laycock in 2013, they sold it only 3 years later for £15million.

Glenn was named UK Entrepreneur of the Year and has a wealth of business knowledge and extensive experience in the franchise sector; we guarantee you will learn at least one or two great ideas from Glenn that will help you to choose or invest in the perfect business opportunity.

The 17 Startling Thing That Super Successful Franchise Owners Do

If you’re even half serious about buying and running a successful franchise that could
earn you a significant and secure income whilst building a business that grows into a
very saleable asset, you can’t afford to miss this rare opportunity to see
franchise specialist Glenn Ackroyd speak in public. Glenn will also reveal The “Legal Booby
Trap” you need to side-step to build a stress free franchise business.

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