Gul Nawaz Khan

Mr Gul Nawaz Khan is seen as an exceptionally talented solicitor and director of Addison & Khan Solicitors with a unique set of attributes that qualifies him to win this category for his contributions towards the company and clients. He goes the extra mile to keep clients at the heart of everything.
Gul Nawaz Khan (Gold Medalist) is the Director of Addison & Khan Solicitors who possesses two decades of professional legal expertise in UK immigration, personal injury and family and other legal matters. He started his career as an entrepreneur after successfully completing his solicitor’s portfolio from BPP University London and was later called to bar as a Barrister –at- law from The historical honourable society of Lincoln’s Inn. He has dealt with thousands of clients across the globe like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Nepal, UAE, USA, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Africa, China & other countries.

Legal Updates: My journey, New Law’s and Immigration in the UK.

I intend to speak on the topic of UK/Corporate Immigration, new laws, legal updates, and my journey into and through the legal world.

Gul Nawaz Khan will be speaking in the following theatres:

Commercial Law and HR Theatre - Thursday 12.30 - 13.00: Legal Updates: My journey, New Law’s and Immigration in the UK.