Ivan Yordanov

Ivan Yordanov is the owner and driving force behind Go Live UK Ltd and the man who has built a business from nothing to one that empowers and touches the lives of thousands of people worldwide through IT technologies. It is not just about providing a service that excites Ivan and his team of dedicated professionals – it is about maintaining standards that seem impossibly high and yet put technology into the hands of business people around the world. His company is more than a hobby, it is more than a business; it is a driving passion that works for so many other people on so many business levels. Ivan is an expert in Cyber Security, a Business adviser and corporate lecturer on cyber crime prevention.

Top Cyber Threats Targeting SMEs And Is Your Business Vulnerable?

What Ransomware Is and How to Keep Your Business Safe from It. What To Do If You Suffer A Data Breach? How Cloud Backup Can Prevent Business Loss? Why Antivirus Is Not Enough And What To Do About It? Keeping employees up to date with company computer policies.


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