James Pattison

James Pattison spent 10 years working in investment banking & asset management, starting 4 businesses along the way. After working with startups to help them with pitching to Angel Investors James became involved in the Government Backed Start Up Loans Scheme and founded Startup Direct. Now into it’s third year, Startup Direct has helped fund over 1,500 businesses with £12M worth of funding.

How to gain funding & mentoring for your business

This talk will help you answer the questions around: how do I get funding for my business? How can mentoring help me and where can I find mentoring support? What support is available to help me develop my business plan? What support is available to help me grow my early stage business?
We have funded and supported more than 1,500 startup businesses in the UK from idea stage up to 2 years trading. Offering businesses funding, mentoring and support, we can answer your questions around how to get started, how to grow, and how to get funding and mentoring.
This session will be an introduction to these topics followed by question time so you can ask the specific questions relevant to your business.