Jamie Forrest

"If you build it they will come” is a dangerous lie.

I found this out in 2008 when I started a ski holiday business in the French Alps. (I used to be a private chef, even cooked for royalty.)

A lucky break kept that business afloat & I learnt how important this ‘marketing’ stuff really is.

So the next decade I spent learning how to get clients for all different kinds of business/ industry.

Now I work with small businesses in the UK Health & Wellness industry. I’ve developed a system that brings in consistent new leads for them and takes away the stress that comes from worrying about where next month’s bookings are going to come from.

Going Small with FB Ads - How little businesses can dominate the big boys

Learn how to level the playing field when it comes to getting local clients with Facebook ads.
You might not have the budget or the time that your competition do, but when it comes to dominating a local area, that can actually give you an advantage.
Learn how to approach Lead Generation with a reliable system.


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