John Davy

Our work is about the connections we make and bringing those people together to achieve a common goal.

For this, Linkedin is a valuable tool & I understand the powerful benefits the platform provides. The desired result comes being found in the first place and then making it engaging enough to view for the reader to take the step of doing business with your company.

Dojo Media Consulting is a digital marketing consultancy that helps you to get found, get viewed and ultimately get a tangible business result. We analyse the current position and recommend approaches that will improve the way others see & find you in the online world.


Any action taken draws attention to you. LinkedIn is viewed as a lead generation platform, it has an equal value as a due diligence platform, used to discover information about companies & people. You meet someone networking, they will find out more about you by looking on LinkedIn.

Ensuring your profile represents you in the best possible way encourages people to take actions that lead to positive result in business..


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