Jonathan White

Jonathan has successfully delivered online projects including and, he also rebranded Parcelnet to Hermes in 2009. Jonathan is the founder and managing director of the local search engine marketing platform. The platform helps businesses achieve more presence in local search engine results. The Traded team creates SEO blog posts, linking local search terms to the locations that businesses operate in. Desire Marketing is also part of the Traded Network family, providing an extensive range of marketing services including a local search engine optimisation boost plan. Jonathan encourages all businesses to join

8 tips to increase your local search and online presence

Customers are continually searching online for local businesses so make sure yours is the one they find. Learn 8 top tips to help your business gain a better local online presence. Jonathan will take things back to basics and share the key ways to make a significant difference to your local online presence including understanding your key terms, SEO website tips, social media targeting and more.


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