Joyce Ong

Joyce is a highly experienced marketer and business owner who helps businesses with their mobile marketing strategy. Marketing technology is her passion and she loves to help SMEs build their businesses harnessing the power of technology. Joyce has been a marketer for the past 25 years and has been running businesses since 2006.

By understanding the marketing needs of SMEs today, Joyce advises businesses on mobile marketing and builds affordable, appealing, customisable, cutting edge and user friendly company branded mobile apps.

It makes a difference when Startups and SMEs invest in the right technology for their marketing, Marketing and Sales are the lifeblood of an SME in a competitive industry. With mobile marketing, Joyce helps businesses get ahead of their competition by consistently attracting repeat business, finding new customers and building an additional income stream. All of this whilst SAVING the business owner TIME through marketing automation, access to analytics and integration of multiple social media and web based interfaces, all on one mobile app!

Small Business: What can Mobile Marketing do for you?

Businesses, more than ever before, are adopting mobile marketing as part of their business strategy. Have you realised that your marketing campaigns are no longer getting the ROI you were getting? Have you wished you could sell your product or service to a different or younger market? Or that you are spending money on print advertising or loyalty cards but finding it hard to measure the results? If this sounds familiar, come and join me at the talk where I’ll share our experience of building mobile apps for SMEs. Or drop us your details HERE