Kevin Maddison

Kevin has worked in the service sector, both employed and self-employed, for over 30 years. His experience comes from his work within racing teams, retail motor industry, maritime security, financial services and international property as well as many small business operations. This work includes developing simpler administration systems to help businesses manage property or products portfolios for product providers, selling processes in a variety of market sectors, lead management and other administrative controls. Kevin is an experienced consultant to business, where he continues to advise and support those in business management hoping to improve sales and administration controls using technology. As Managing Director of Global Management Platform, his current focus is to work with clients that require cost effective systems to address those needs in simple solutions without needing huge IT department skills

Does A Small Business Really Need a CRM System?

Is the complex CRM revolution something small business owners should take advantage of? The fact is the term CRM (or Client Relationship Management) creates very different ideas about what it is capable of helping small businesses with. Most CRM systems fail because its implementation is poorly planned or poorly managed. Remember CRM systems will not take away the need to do the work nor will a CRM make the tea!


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