Leigh Ashton

Leigh Ashton is the author of “iSell” a speaker, trainer and coach. She helps business owners grow their sales by helping them overcome any fear or resistance they have to selling…and gives easy and practical ways to help them embrace selling in a way that’s right for their personality which delivers real sales results.

She has trained thousands of business owners and her findings remain consistent...even when passionate and confident about what they do…they often lack the inner confidence and practical strategies to achieve great sales results on a consistent basis.

By eliminating psychological barriers...they are motivated to incorporate new behaviours that increase sales.

Leigh’s mantra is to leave people feeling inspired to take action!

To help even more people, Leigh launched Sasudi.com earlier this year. It’s the world’s first online sales management tool that gives small business owners everything they need make a great living doing what they love!

Making Sales Easy

Love what you do but dread the selling bit?

So many small business owners feel that getting sales is the hardest part of what they do. Just because you haven''t got the sales you want...doesn''t mean you can’t sell. You just need a new approach!

This seminar gives you an insight to the barriers to sales success and the easy steps you can take to Make Sales Easy...and more enjoyable.


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