Louis Alexander

Louis Alexander - MD Payl8r, 34,
Qualified barrister and was called to the Bar in 2005 specialising in Commercial law. Launched the StudentFinanceCompany – that successfully lent over £2,500,000 to UK students with over 12,000 customers. This compay has now morphed into Payl8r. In 2012 launched and established the Social Money and the BridgeCrowd– a peer-to-peer secured lending company that now lends £2,000,000-5,000,000 per month and has lent £80,000,000 to date.

The Credit Card Killer (Store Finance for the SME)

Grow your business by helping customers buy more of what they can afford.
Payl8r is a revolutionary plugin for your website which enables customers to spread payment of basket totals over a time period to suite. Using credit future technology, we are able to offer a line of credit based on a person’s affordability not their credit history, meaning we can lend to the largest audience, something that has never been done in the UK before.
Payl8r has been designed so that all stores no matter what size can now offer their customers an instalment plan on products and services at no risk or cost.
Payl8r is completely free for merchants to use. Again a UK first.


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