Lynda Holt

Lynda is the CEO of an award winning international coaching and consultancy business and a champion for social entrepreneurs. She believes everyone has the potential to be great if they are brave enough to show up and do the stuff that matters to them. Over the last 16 years Lynda has worked 1000’s of business owners and leaders helping them to take the action needed to craft the business they want.
Lynda had her first business at 17 – she was an Avon Lady through college. She worked in the NHS for 15 years in clinical and leadership and was the national lead for Emergency Nursing. It was here that Lynda first developed her speaking career, she is the author of three books including the popular business text ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way’. She has been featured on BBC radio, local business radio and a number of topical TV interviews.

Braver Business – how to show up and make it happen

Ever felt like you have a bigger game to play?
For most people there is a direct correlation between success and courage - being brave enough to show up and make it happen.
Lynda will share her formula for braver business. You will look at some of the neurobiology behind why you get stuck despite your big plans and how to escape your excuses and get your business moving again.

Lynda Holt will be speaking in the following theatres:

SME Theatre 16 - Thursday 11.45 - 12.15: Braver Business – how to show up and make it happen