Lynne Hughes

After growing up in the beautiful south west and watching over the years tourism grow, it came to light that something need to change in the 2nd 3rd 4th holiday home owner, to stop the emptiness and desertion of the local people. I have always been in the hospitality trade and I know how important it is to allow your visitors to be welcomed. I have seen this again and again and have always led my businesses to make the customer feel like a VIP. After all people spend allot of money on their holiday and they want to be confident in knowing they will get the best value for money. I successfully had 2 hair and beauty salons, 2 fine restaurants, with high profile clientele and amazing cuisine, and pub hotel which unfortunately was closed because punch taverns went bust. Unfortunately I was also caught up in the recession and lost an awful lot. After some needed r and r I discovered immaculette, very simply by helping my son''s girlfriend or cleaning local holiday homes , I thrive on business and after seeing how much food and produce was thrown away week after week I started to understand my next business model. I too knew how hard to was to sustain small business against corporates , they needed all the help they could get. I spent 5 years in London networking and reaching out of how vital holiday homes are in rural areas. I talked with lobbyists in Westminster, meet intern faunal tourism board from all over the world and was approached by a company who took McDonald''s and body shop to where they are today. I knew immaculette was a strong movement to sustaining their local enviroment and educating Young people to build their own businesses with the support of this niche market. Immaculette is part of the solution to reinvigorating life back into communities.

Raising awareness of how vital luxury holiday homes are to sustaining small local business and creating jobs, whilst adding value to the holiday exper

Luxury holiday homes are a growing market, local people are hating these holiday homes being built and leaving them enough for half the year. Immaculette is turning that around by placing a luxury parcel full of locally sourced produce and good and ideas and recommendations of where to go and what to do in your area. We only recommend businesses that need the encouragement of extra business in sustaining them and encouraging them to grow which ultimately will create jobs. This list revenue is key to changing local people''s perspective on how luxury holiday homes can return massive income back into the community..immaculette is highlighting this fact and educating holiday home owners of how immaculette movement can change people''s lives, globally.