Mark Faithfull

Mark Faithfull is Unleasher of Potential at Cool Waters - the leadership development consultancy that transforms engineers into leaders. He started as the apprentice on the support desk at Lloyds Bank 25 years ago and ended up leading IT in the boardroom of some of Britains best known businesses. He says the hardest thing he ever did in his career was make the transition from a technical career into leadership and now he works with individuals and companies to help other engineers make that leap successfully. Mark is a certified leadership teacher and coach with the John Maxwell Team, author of the book Foundations of Leadership and he helps entrepreneurs build the ''board they can not afford'' through the IT Strategy Circle which provides virtual IT Directors to SMEs and start-ups.

5 Things Every MD needs to know about Cyber Security

This seminar will teach you the 5 essential things every MD needs to know about Cyber Security. Practical, unbiased, proven, not trying to sell you anything - just the 5 key rules that will keep your business secure. After this seminar you will know the 5 questions to ask your IT team in order to be confident they are protecting your data and safeguarding your business.

Mark Faithfull will be speaking in the following theatres:

SME Theatre 16 - Friday 14.00 - 14.30: 5 Things Every MD needs to know about Cyber Security