Matthew Newman

Matt was a partner at three large law firms, doing corporate finance and private equity deals in a number of regulated sectors, including financial services. He specialised in international transactions. After 20 years, he left private
practice law for a new challenge - to help build a new bank with a mission of becoming the best bank in the world. He has now been at Starling for two and a half years and has a team of two lawyers working with him.

Building a bank - make regulation your friend, not your foe!

Join Matthew Newman, one of the founders of challenger bank Starling, as he shares the story of building a fully licenced bank from scratch. Matthew’s background in Law, as well as his entrepreneurial drive meant he was well
placed to structure the company for rapid growth, whilst navigating through the regulatory minefield. Next for Starling Bank is launching an account specifically
aimed at helping small businesses in the UK.


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