Michael Maynard

Michael Maynard is a successful Author, Entrepreneur and Business Mentor; he is the Managing Director of MAPM business consultancy and founder of TCBC Offices Ltd. Michael’s claim to fame is his passion and specialist knowledge in business growth and development saving and making his client portfolio millions, the largest a whopping £700,000,000 deal. Whilst he teaches other businesses how to be successful, he also understand the hardships in business and boasts about several failed businesses when starting out, highlighting his personal turning points and that led to building a business that not only gave him a substantial 6 figure salary but more importantly the opportunity to help others.
He is a dynamic and down to earth speaker that believes in challenging the norm

The 7 key Questions for a Successful Start-up

20% of businesses fail with the first year of trading, and 50% within 3 years, scary facts that none of us want to be a part of. This seminar covers what to put in place to avoid this statistic, and how to ensure your business is successful from day 1

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