Murray Pullin

Murray is an accountant turned software creator and the co-founder of software development company, Spenses. Prior to setting up Spenses, Murray formed and ran a digital accountancy practise that provided a unique insight into small business behaviours and identified areas where technologies failed to deliver a workable solution. Murray believes that the ability to conform to technology developments is integral to a successful business regardless of industry type, business size, or product type with savings in both time and money achievable within the business.

Murray will be joined by Fabacus, another Release the Geek partner. Fabacus is a software company that’s been featured in Natwest’s top enterprise planning software for SME’s. Fabacus is a business that helps SME grow in their own way by connecting incumbent applications and software solutions. By unifying the data stream the Fabacus solution gives business owners the insights and agility needed for rapid decision making.

How to make technology work for you

Technology is becoming ever more present in our lives both personally and in business. All business technology solutions offer benefits, but sometimes software can seem more of a hindrance than a solution. Release the geek will show you embrace the technology that exists today and help you develop your business more effectively.