Neil Martin and Sally Lawson

Neil Martin:
Neil Martin has 20 years international business experience and a vast wealth of knowledge about information technology, sales and marketing which has enabled him to launch multiple startups, including an online business that received over 1 million visits in the first 18 months.

Neil is a multi-award winning, in-demand professional speaker who can regularly be found sharing his story and strategies to help inspire others at seminars and events throughout the UK and internationally. With his Natural Juice Junkie website having been ranked as the #1 Food Blog in the UK, Neil has regularly been asked to speak at events alongside celebrities such as Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc.

Neil has been featured by various media including the BBC, the Huffington Post, national magazines and even a feature length documentary.

Sally Lawson:
Sally Lawson is both a successful businesswomen and a property lettings professional, gaining her wealth of experience over the last 26 years as a lettings professional.

On top of this she has developed her own property portfolio and launched a franchise The Concentric Sales & Lettings group, which now helps others set up and launch their own property sales & lettings businesses all with ZERO advertising .

Sally is a best-selling author of the book “I've got this tenant" as well as an International Award Winning Speaker, and has spoken at super conferences nationally including, Wembley Stadium and alongside James Caan.

Sally is mostly known also for her educational style and her extensive social media presence and now helps other agents by running courses on educating agents to improve their presence in the market in the online and social world

Building Your Online Authority

"The world has changed beyond recognition in the last 20 years and our lives have increasingly moved online. You and your business are being measured by your online presence. To be successful entrepreneurs and business owners must learn to stand out. In this masterclass you will learn essential authority building skills and how to stay relevant in this ever-changing environment."