Neil Pavitt

Neil Pavitt is a writer and creativity coach. He has over 25 years'' experience as an award winning Creative Director and Writer in advertising for companies like Saatchi & Saatchi. He is the CEO of The Lightbulb Consultancy, and specialises in demystifying the creative process for clients such as Lloyds Bank, AstraZeneca and Goldman Sachs.

He has written two books ‘How To Be Creative’ and ‘Brainhack’ and currently runs workshops on creativity, brainhacking and brand storytelling.

How To Have Great Ideas For Your Business

Anyone starting a business knows there is going to be long hours and a lot of hard work involved. They also know how important fresh and innovative ideas are to develop your business. But the trouble is, however hard you work, good ideas can sometimes be elusive.

Learn about simple and effective techniques to hack your brain and help you become an ideas machine.