Niels Vanden Buverie

Starting out as Partner Manager for Belgium - and later all other countries - Niels took care of all indirect sales for Teamleader. Starting from scratch, he built a strong partner network and drove up sales through indirect channels.
While Teamleader was growing internationally, his previous experience as well as globetrotter mindset put him in the perfect position to fill in the vacancy of Head of the International team, helping Teamleader gain traction in newly set-up regions.

But his experience doesn’t just come from within Teamleader: long before that, Niels was a pureblood entrepreneur, leading multiple businesses himself. Besides managing to get himself a trip around the world by selling countries on a virtual roadmap, he recently co-founded Starbus, a transport company allowing schools or proprietaries to rent small and large buses.

By the way, if you ever need to find him in a crowded room, look for the most contagious laugh!

Smarter Lead Management

What do you want to achieve with your company or organisation? Everyone has his or her own objectives, but there are two that come up virtually every time: increased growth and increased sales. That’s easier said than done. In many firms, there seems to be some sort of ‘brake’ put on growth.

Where is this brake? And how can you release it, so you can go full steam ahead? More marketing, may be what you’re thinking. But remarkably often, the problem is located in a different phase of your commercial process: lead management. Leads are coming in, but too few are converted into customers.