Oliver Cookson

In May 2004, Oliver created Myprotein® with just £500 from his bedroom. Despite being point blank being refused a bank loan, in the seven years that followed Oliver took Myprotein to be the leading online sports nutrition brand and one of the fastest growing private businesses in the UK, winning accolade after accolade along the way.

Oliver won multiple awards and by 2010 he picked up the prestigious 'E&Y Young Entrepreneur of the Year' and in 2011 Oliver exited for a reported £58m deal to 'The Hut Group' in which he was Director and still a major shareholder.

Oliver’s entrepreneurial nature mixed with his passion for the business means he is involved and running multiple new ventures. One of his latest current ventures is GoNutrition.com is one of the fastest growing nutrition brands in the UK and P-Fit.co.uk is a revolutionary new way of buying tailored protein on subscription.


How I bootstrapped MYPROTEIN® from £500 to a world leading brand

A raw and never publicly told journey of how I single handily grew MYPROTEIN® from my bedroom (with just £500 and zero debt) to be the fastest growing and number one Sports Nutrition brand. This presentation delves into my early life, how I spotted the opportunity, what measures I took to manage the growth with growing pains, the share sale and life after MYPROTEIN®.


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