Oliver Oguz

Oliver Oguz is a registered UK and European Trade Mark Attorney with over 10 years experience in the field of brand protection. He has a HND in Business and Finance, a Bachelor’s degree in law, a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property and Competition Law and both a Postgraduate and Professional certificate in Trade Mark law and Practice, and will shortly be qualifying as a trade mark litigator. He also runs two intellectual property law firms and is a fully qualified trade mark administrator.

In the last two years alone, Oliver has advised on just over 2,500 trade mark applications.

To name but a fraction, his current clients include notable entrepreneurs such as Lord Alan Sugar, winners and contestants of the BBC’s The Apprentice, Warren Buffet’s Berskhire Hathaway, well-known fashion brands such as Pierre Cadin, YSL & Oscar de la Renta, famous chefs and restaurants such as the Tom Aiken group, drinks brand Rubicon, and many more large and small businesses.

How to ensure your brand benefits from bulletproof trademark protection

Making sure your trade mark is protected is vital, regardless of your industry. You need to think big from the outset. Your brand is your most important asset, after the people that work in your organisation. Protect it and do it properly.

We will explain how to obtain the strongest protection in the most strategically advantageous way, both nationally and internationally, in the most cost effective manner, and ensuring maximum licencing opportunities.


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