Paul Lawrence

Paul has worked in and around the IT & Telecoms industry for over 20 years, working on all sides from service provider, carrier, software development and consultancy.

Having been involved in delivering solutions across all sectors of business from consumer digital music services, mobile efficiency solutions to the NHS and multi component software solutions to enterprise, he has gathered a large amount of knowledge covering, mobile software applications, workforce management, multi-media telecom solutions and digital consultancy.
A consultative and solution led strategy with focus on delivering the best possible user experience has proved invaluable in delivering software solutions across the enterprise, to some of the UK & World’s Best Brands such as McDonalds, Argos, Co-op, O2 & William Hill.

His goal has always been to ensure the technical doesn’t overwhelm and this is echoed by a comment received via LinkedIn ‘….he can explain the ultra-techy and complex in terms that your mother would understand – without talking down to you.’

Out of work, he is a lover of golf, football and making a mean Mojito!

The impact of GDPR on your business relationships

With the impending legislation of GDPR coming into affect in May 2018, how are businesses getting ready for this and how they can use the best in business software to manage their relationships with their customers, prospects, suppliers and internal staff.

Paul Lawrence will be speaking in the following theatres:

SME Theatre 16 - Friday 16.15 - 16.45: The impact of GDPR on your business relationships


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