Paul Surtees

Paul Surtees is MD and co-founder of With so many lenders to choose from it is difficult for a business to know who to turn to. Capitalise helps SMEs - and those who advise them - find financing quickly and efficiently.

Before starting Capitalise, Paul served as an executive director at Goldman Sachs where he headed sales teams focusing on bank trading desks and corporate treasuries. He has over 13 years of banking experience and has held additional sales management roles at BNP Paribas and Morgan Stanley.

As an investor and mentor for small businesses, Paul recognised the various challenges FDs and business owners faced when trying to secure funding. Capitalise was founded to give businesses easy access to a wide range of UK lenders as well as the power to choose who to work with.

Raising Finance: Startup loans to private equity lending

With so many different lending products available across the lifecycle of a business understanding your options is crucial to your success. This seminar will deliver a roadmap for understanding what is available to you now, but crucially what is available as you grow and develop in the future. Whether the solution is a traditional or alternative lender, you will leave knowing who will help drive your growth.