Philip Harmer

Philip Harmer is a business person first and foremost, who just happens to be a lawyer. Renowned for his straight talking, results driven approach, he has 25 years experience in business, driving his parent company, Stormcatcher into a strong position as the ‘people’s lawyer’, unafraid to hold his reputation out for inspection and uniquely for a law firm, rated 5 stars by Google .

People come to him because he knows about running a successful business and because he puts the client first, operating a fixed price service.
LawPlan developed as he realised many SMEs worry about running up huge bills for their legal issues.

With a direct contact line, a small monthly but fully inclusive fee and no minimum term, LawPlan fills a giant void in the market. ‘I’m passionate about SME’s and the people who run them. It’s about time they got an approachable, enjoyable and reasonable service.’

Call it 'Snakes & Ladders for Businesses' & Can’t pay, won’t pay or one heck of a long delay

17th November: Call it 'Snakes & Ladders for Businesses'

With ever increasing legislation, running a business can be a regulatory and legal nightmare, with a steep and costly learning curve. This entertaining and interactive seminar looks at some of the common issues and pitfalls firms face when dealing with commercial and consumer contracts both on and off premises and how to integrate a legal framework into your sales and customer service process.

18th November: Can’t pay, won’t pay or one heck of a long delay

Bad debts and late payments, literally drains the life blood out of small and medium businesses, not only in terms of cash flow but in time and energy chasing them. Philip Harmer shares his experiences and anecdotes on the causes of bad debts and late payments, exploring and discussing effective strategies to help minimalise the risks and maximise the opportunities for recovery without damaging your reputation.


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