Richard Tyler

Richard Tyler is Chief Possibility Architect, Author, International speaker and provocateur. His first book, Jolt, published by Wiley, landed on bookshelves in April 2015.

His keynotes, workshops and programmes are like no other…Whether he brings in a Jazz band, an orchestra, vocal coaches, percussionists, actors, dancers, artists or singers, the experience always delivers a Jolt!

His workshops are immersive - taking leaders way beyond the straightforward intellectual understanding and into the real time experience of doing and being extraordinary!

Richard’s mission is simple: to disrupt and provoke the way that organisations think. Being good, is no longer good enough. Companies need to be Extraordinary in order to be successful. For 12 years, Richard and his BTFI team have been pioneers of Artful Leadership - blending psychology, the arts and leadership to jolt clients into becoming more innovative, having greater impact and leading their industries.

Does Size Really Matter?

Play BIG and look after the small stuff!

Richard believes that size really does matter. In this whirlwind workshop, he will share with you how the ability to think big, whilst paying attention to the tiny tweaks you can make, is what differentiates those that remain being ordinary and those that play with extraordinary.

During this workshop, Richard will disrupt your thinking, challenge you to DO or DIE and teach you how to be a Possibility Architect.