Roland Gurney

Roland set up Treacle Copywriters to wage war against waffle and bad writing.
To clarify the complex. And to help businesses speak simply, but with style.

He heads-up Treacle - a crew of creative copywriters based in London.
Haters of jargon and gibberish.
Creators of well-designed words.
Allies with amazing agencies.
Helping-hands for big-thinking brands.

Some say he was raised by a pack of wildly talented senior copywriters.

Others say he was bitten by a radioactive copywriter, giving him super-human abilities.

Most people say he’s a just a normal guy with smart ideas and simple words.

Meet him and make up your own mind.

10 ways your words can help you sell more

Discover how to use words to boost your business - even if you hate writing. From your website to your tagline. From live sales to emails. Get tips, tools and techniques you can use straight away. Because words are powerful. They can persuade, inform and entertain. Unlock their potential to attract more customers and build a brand that stands for brilliance.

Roland Gurney will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 6 - Wednesday 15.30 - 16.00: 10 ways your words can help you sell more