Sean Tucker

Sean is a Photographer and Filmmaker who runs a successful freelance business and a growing online presence where he seeks to inspire like-minded creatives coming up the ladder. His YouTube channel has over 90k subscribers with over 1.6 million views and 30,000 followers across social media. Sean creates a vibrant and positive community online talking about how to pursue your dream of making the thing you love to do, the thing you get paid for.

Sean has a strong emphasis in all his video and speaking on being authentic and self aware in your work because, in a world of reality TV and vlogging, people are now hyper-aware of artifice, smelling a sales pitch a mile away. To build an audience now takes honesty, integrity and vulnerability, and these are by words which Sean not only practices in his own work, but preaches to other others as well.

YouTube: Engage, Influence, Monetise- the truth

There are lots of myths around building a livelihood on a platform like YouTube. I didn''t start my channel believing it would be much more than an extra outlet which may spread the word about what I do. My channel has almost 100,000 subscribers in under 2 years, with 2.5 million views and just 35 videos posted, I’ll share my truths on how to engage, influence and monetise on social media