Sriram Angajala

Sriram Angajala is the managing director of Technology driven Start up BANANA APPS with 15 years of technical background of working for clients like BBC and TFL. He along with his team is helping Businesses to understand the need to use of technologies like Mobile app, Cloud computing, data science, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and Online Solutions. His ability to understand business and technology helps his clients to take right steps towards future in investing on best technology like mobile apps for internal communication etc so that the company don’t wipe away in technology wave

Technology is a Wave: Your Business Can Either Ride or Wipe Out

Regardless of your personal opinion—Luddite or technophile—the rapid advance of technology isn’t going to slow any time soon. More and more small businesses that fail to adapt are going to find themselves left behind while the savvy ones who learn to keep up will reap the rewards. You don’t have to rebuild your business from the ground up—there’s some kernel of merit that’s allowed you to enjoy success thus far. You just have to understand how technology affects your business (for better or worse) and how to apply advancements in order to play them to your advantage.


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