Stuart Alldis

With over 20 years’ experience in web and software development for multiple brands, Stuart is a tenacious communicator with exceptional commercial awareness and leadership skills.

Founder of CDA, Stuart has held senior positions within large organisations. He also has experience in developing online brands and successfully launched and sold his own online trading market place.

Stuart has worked for multinational brands and has travelled around the globe working in Europe, Asia and the US.
Having spent most of his career as a client, Stuart knows the importance of delivering what’s really needed in a cost-effective way.

Feel free to check out Stuart's LinkedIn page for more information:

Your New Digital Project - Don't Make Costly Mistakes

Approximately 70% of Creative Digital Agency’s new business have a digital project that is less than a year old, or are mid project with another company, resulting in £175,000 in wasted investment. This seminar aims to equip you with the right questions to ask when embarking on a website / digital project, to avoid these costly pitfalls.


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