Sukhi Wahiwala

Sukhi Wahiwala is a successful British born Sikh, who has been schooled in business by his parents, with “7 Generations of Family Ancestry”.  As a successful serial Entrepreneur, he was able to build and establish a “Small Business Empire”. Sukhi has written a unique methodology called "The SynaGus Method" creating clear, simple to follow strategies, to grow businesses and emotional intelligence, to reshape the bottom line profit
& stability of thousands of Companies and individual lives around the world.
As an International Speaker and recent Forbes 30 under 30 Judge, Sukhi also feels privileged to have shared his knowledge in his modest appearances as the "GoTo Person" on British television, radio, educational interviews and international keynote stages, which have honoured him with inspiring online testimonials and results, from his clients. More recently he was blessed
to have shared his journey on the prestigious “Ted” platform.
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The Secret To Time Management For Start Ups

In his talk Sukhi Wahiwala will reveal the “7 Steps Process” he took to take control of his mind to say “Goodbye” to wasted days. Sukhi harnesses the power of “Laser Like Focus”, which enabled him and will enable you, as a Start Up, to unlock & accomplish all you want to achieve on demand.

Sukhi Wahiwala will be speaking in the following theatres:

Startup Theatre 5 - Friday 15.30 - 16.00: The Secret To Time Management For Start Ups