Sukhi Wahiwala

Sukhi Wahiwala is a successful British born Sikh, who as a Serial Entrepreneur built a “Small Business Empire” by harnessing 7 generations of business success and becoming an established multi-millionaire.

Sukhi''s own unique methodology called "The SynaGus Method" creates clear, simple to follow strategies, to grow businesses and emotional intelligence, to reshape the bottom line profit & stability of thousands of Companies and Individual lives around the world.

An International Speaker, Forbes 30 under 30 Judge in 2017/2018, a Princes Trust invitee, and with Strategic KPMG, British Chamber of Commerce and Marriott Hotel alliances, Sukhi feels privileged to share his knowledge as the "GoTo Business Mentor for Growing Businesses" on television, radio, educational interviews and keynote stages. Honouring him with inspiring testimonials and results from his clients.

More recently he was blessed to have shared his journey on the prestigious “Ted” platform and has won Entrepreneur of The Year, 2018.

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Make Procrastination and Overwhelm a Thing of the Past

In this Workshop Sukhi reveals some of the Steps he took to take control of his mind saying Bye Bye to Wasted Days, Overwhelm and Procrastination; Harnessing the Power of Laser like Focus, which enables him and will enable You, to regain the Balance between Work and Family and still Accomplishing all You Want to Achieve. In effect a brand new approach and Unique Techniques to those Time Management Gremlins.

Sukhi Wahiwala will be speaking in the following theatres:

KeyNote Theatre 1 - Wednesday 14.00 - 14.30: Make Procrastination and Overwhelm a Thing of the Past

Theatre 3 - Thursday 11.45 - 12.15: Make Procrastination and Overwhelm a Thing of the Past


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