Tara Howard

Tara Howard is passionate about the empowerment and development of women- The Venus Awards were set up to recognise and reward the efforts and achievements for Women in business. The awards have been very well received generating thousands of nominations for successful business women

The secret to success and happiness

If you are confidently achieving all you dreamed of and possibly more this talk is not for you. Having run 35 awards ceremonies across the country Tara has found that more than anything, even award winners are looking for more confidence to achieve their goals.

So Tara set about finding out where confidence comes from and how we can get more of it. Is it nurture or nature or is there something you can do to tip the C scale in your favor?

You might think, with confidence, that you either have it or you don’t. In this talk Tara shares with you the tactics employed by the best of the best to confidently master their business and personal lives. She also shares her own story as a business woman, commercial pilot and adventurer. Tara offers insights how she learnt from other business leaders who achieved their personal moonshots with confidence.

Tara Howard will be speaking in the following theatres:

KeyNote Theatre 1 - Wednesday 16.15 - 16.45: The secret to success and happiness


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