Tim Hardingham

Tim has been designing workspace for over 25 years. Specialising in design and space planning, Tim has created office space for a wide range of environments. His keen eye for design is born out of creative analysis, and his work realises the full potential for buildings.

Tim has designed offices for major companies throughout London and Europe. His expertise will show you how careful design and integration with your brand can improve the working environment and support a company’s growth plans.

Tim’s focus is on the impact design has on people – a business is only as good as its people. His work supports new companies to create their identities, and established ones to reinvigorate theirs. Design isn’t just how things look, it is how they impact.

Qualifications, Memberships and Awards:
BA Industrial Design, MCSD, FRSA, 5 BCO Award winning projects

Making work work: The power of design in the workplace

How can design impact where you work? What is the impact on your culture, wellbeing and staff happiness? Find out how your office can support and change organisational culture and how to release the huge potential of design.

Tim will discuss how environments influence behaviour. Are you in co-working space? Find out the benefits but also the missed opportunities and what you should look for in an office move.

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