Tony Dent

Tony Dent (Chairman, Ltd and Sample Answers Ltd): Tony is a statistician with over 40 years’ international market research experience of differing data collection techniques and sampling methods. He has acted as a consultant to a number of companies including Barclays Bank, the Civil Aviation Authority, DHL, DTI, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Radio Free Europe, NatWest and the Xerox Corporation.

Tony is a past chairman of the Industrial Market Research Association (now Business Interest Group) and is currently chairman of AIMRI (the Alliance of International Research Institutes). He is a frequent speaker and author of chapter on “Estimating Product Market Size” in Kogan Page Handbook on Business Market Research

Is Your Digital Marketing Profile better from the left or the right?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,YouTube etc. are essential tools for today’s marketing communications and when we hear of the success of Cambridge Analytica in promoting Trump’s Presidential campaign we all need to take notice.
The seminar will discuss how Cambridge Analytica used Big Data to profile Trump’s supporters and then used digital media to build momentum for an anti-globalisation world view. Finally we discuss the relevance of this to the average business.

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