Vicki Wusche

Vicki Wusche is recognised as one of the UK tops 25 most influential people in property, author of 5 books, property investor, business owner and business mentor. While she has all the usual array of products and services that a modern business should have. 80% of her turnover comes from direct phone calls from clients contacting to work with her directly.

They have found her via the web or through her speaking or books, they are presold, convinced and ready to buy.

In her two seminars Vicki will explain how she has built her credibility from single mother on benefits to successful business owner, author and speaker.

Vicki’s ability to engage with her audience, making them laugh and think in equal measures means that her seminars are always packed. Come early, grab a seat, and leave inspired, provoked and clear on how to take your business forward. Visit stand 840

1. Build your credibility – grow your profit 2. From benefit mum to property business owner in 11 years

1. Build your credibility – grow your profit
Profit is directly linked to the value you offer your clients. Exactly what are you offering and how do your clients find out about you? …. We can all see through Facebook likes and PR, but genuine credibility is built on expertise, customer experience and a broad consistent marketing funnel. What would happen if I Googled you? Do you really understand the value your are offering your clients.

2. From benefit mum to property business owner in 11 years
Vicki’s story is inspiring and practical. Focused business objectives have helped Vicki identify a repeated business model that offers value to clients, generates a healthy income and fills a need in the market.
Does your business take what you do best, package it irresistibly for your clients, getting them to pay well yet feel like they have a bargain and generate enough profit that it is worth your time?