Will Mcintee

Having spent the last 20 years in the business solutions software industry with a particular focus on the SME sector, again and again I have come across growing organisations with inadequate systems in place to support the growth and ambitions of the owners. This would result in a piecemeal replacement or upgrade – a costly and essentially non-strategic approach.

We have developed OneBizz to help bridge this gap, all based on Microsoft’s Office 365, Dynamics CRM and ERP to fulfil the vast majority of an organisations software needs, from today into the distant future.

Come along to my session to learn more about Will’s experiences in the industry and learn about the unique approach of OneBizz.

Why running your business from a single Cloud solution makes sense

Today, too much time is taken up in businesses of all shapes and sizes managing a bewildering array of IT hardware, software and trying to get them to work together. Larger businesses and organisations may have a dedicated IT team to look after these solutions. However, the number of dedicated IT heads within small to medium sized businesses is declining fast. This in itself leads to a challenge of not only technology management but also the pain of managing numerous vendors – all in all a big drain on resources within the business.


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