Zhong Xu

Zhong Xu is the Director of Hospitality Product at Lightspeed. As a Masters in Computer Science he started his career at a young start-up, Siruna, where he gained invaluable experience in growing a start-up into an international brand and discovered his passion for mobile apps. This began his life-long goal to create a user friendly solution for the hospitality industry. Together with Jan Hollez he founded the immensely successful POSIOS which was acquired by Lightspeed in 2014. Under Zhong’s vision, Lightspeed continues to deliver innovation to hospitality businesses through its cloud-based technology.

Restaurant Innovation and the Benefits of Cloud

The sheer volume of channels connecting diners to hospitality businesses is bewildering and it’s little wonder that 47% of restaurants feel they lag behind in utilising digital technology. With an increasingly tech-savvy customer base what can independent restaurateurs do to keep up?

Join Lightspeed’s Zhong Xu as he shares his vision of a central management solution that connects restaurateurs to the multitude of digital channels that their customers use.


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